David Sisson

Vice President

David joined Galileo in 2008, having monitored and tracked sales of luxury goods in the US for over 10 years at J. Walter Thompson. His special area of focus has been gaining a thorough understanding of how consumers make High Consideration purchase decisions. He has a passion for innovation and was awarded the David Ogilvy Award for Excellence in New Product Research for his work in the diamond jewelry category. David has pioneered diverse qualitative and quantitative methodologies for Galileo, and his expertise includes online focus groups, one-on-one interviews, physician mini-groups, in-home ethnographies, consumer intercept interviews, bulletin boards, sales tracking, online design preference and segmentation development. In the name of research, David has raided snack cabinets in people’s homes, chatted online with Big Rig operators, forced women to stop wearing their engagement rings for a week to see how it would feel, and sympathized with many groups of twitchy respondents who were trying to quit smoking.