Like Galileo himself, we have a fearless commitment to exposing what others cannot see; to illuminating truth, however controversial, however obscured from plain sight.  

All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.


Our mission is threefold: to harness the power of academic and therapeutic psychology to deliver greater insight and business understanding for our clients; to deliver a quasi-therapeutic experience for our participants (when needed); and to bring professional and personal reward to our team.  

We further support this mission in the way that we work: Our work practices differ dramatically from those of other research companies, to enable us to deliver the best thinking for our clients, and the best professional experience for our teams

Every project is staffed with two experienced moderators and strategists, highly trained in our psychology-based approach, experienced in uncovering subconscious truths as well as conscious rationales. 

Our moderators are totally immersed in all stages of the project – from kick off to moderating all English-speaking interviews, to conducting all analysis and delivering the presentations. We want them to be able to give total focus to each project, so typically our teams are only in fieldwork on one project at a time – unlike the typical industry model of juggling multiple projects concurrently. 

What Clients Are Saying

“Galileo Research is the only vendor that has ever delivered consistently great work for me and impressed each brand team I've introduced them to. The team is fantastic! They are my go-to vendor for strategic, creative or exploratory projects. Their style of dual moderating is extremely effective at teasing out deeply emotional insights. Time after time, their reports reflect not just what respondents have said but rather what they really mean. One project with Galileo Research will raise the bar for your other vendors.”