Our Approach

Our approach is informed by the wisdom of leading academic psychologists and the practice of therapeutic psychologists.


The wisdom of leading academic psychologists informs our approach  

Galileo recognizes 3 distinct Brain Systems

Hard-Wired System

Emotional Animal System

Rational Human System

Based on the work of leading psychologists Daniel Kahneman and Steve Peters, Galileo recognizes 3 distinct brain systems: the “Hard-wired” System, the Emotional “Animal” System and the Rational “Human” System. We have developed tools to access these different systems, and design our research protocols to address them in a specific order, to uncover a more complete and accurate mindset map for our clients.

The practice of therapeutic psychologists informs our techniques

“Often when the stakes are high and the truth is too uncomfortable to inhabit, people’s true motivations are beyond the reach of their conscious explanations. In these cases, it is vital to use methods like those of Galileo to open a conversation with the subconscious mind.”

Dr. Nick Baylis (Galileo’s consulting psychologist, Ph.D. Psych Cambridge University, Royal Fellow, BBC guest expert, Times columnist)

Hard-Wired System Techniques Include:

Couch Confessional

Rhythm and Response

Emotional Animal System Techniques Include:

Somatic (Ex)Pose

Bilateral Stimulation

Rational Human System Techniques Include:

Risk vs. Reward Weighting

Force Field

We are constantly evolving and innovating our approaches

We draw on the latest areas of innovation and focus in academic and therapeutic psychology to inform our ever-evolving approach. Three areas of current focus include Parts Therapy, the Expectation Effect, and the role of Brain Hemispheres.  

Parts Therapy

Parts Therapy, also known as IFS, was the brainchild of Harvard-based Dr. Richard Schwartz, and is becoming an increasingly important focus in the world of psychology. Galileo applies a Parts Therapy lens to separate out the different subconscious catalysts to decision-making for consumers, patients and HCPs. 

Expectation Effect

Another major focus among psychologists is the Power of Expectation and the game changing impact that thoughts and suggestive words can have on our physiology and performance in every arena of life. Galileo helps our clients harness this effect in every dimension of communications, care and education. 

Role of Brain Hemispheres

The world of neuroscience has been taken by storm by Dr Ian McGilchrist’s research, challenging accepted wisdom about the purpose and effect of our Left and Right Brain Hemispheres. Galileo is exploring how to profile participants in terms of their Left Brain/Right Brain dominance and how it impacts decision-making and behaviors.  

What Clients Are Saying

“Galileo Research is a remarkably innovative research organization whose behavioral and organizational psychology-based methods helped our network and our client, the U.S. Navy, unlock subconscious brand truths that conventional focus groups would not have uncovered.  Their exercises, such as designing tattoos or physically striking poses that represent brand emotions, allowed true insights to surface from the minds of potential young recruits. We are excited to continue our partnership with Galileo on many future endeavors.”