We conduct qualitative and quantitative market research in the US and globally. Approximately 50% of our studies are global, partnering with a network of international moderators carefully trained in our unique psychological approach. We operate as strategic consultants and collaborative brand partners to our clients. Historically our focus has been qualitative research, but we are increasingly conducting more quantitative studies, as clients embrace our new Behavioral Science-based ‘quanti-qual’ methodologies. We specialize in healthcare (which dominates our practice), along with other ‘high consideration’ categories such as luxury, automotive, tech, and wellness.  

Our Offering  


Strategic Development

Brand Communications

Our Healthcare-Specific Qualitative Studies

Within healthcare, which represents the majority of our business, our qualitative practice includes patient, caregiver and HCP studies across the entire lifecycle of a brand.

Insight Exploratory + Brand Positioning

Our Insight and Brand Positioning Studies draw on all 3 brain systems – the hard wired “computer” brain, the emotional “animal” brain and the rational “human” brain to uncover the underlying beliefs, desires and fears of patients and HCPs – and the most potent positioning levers to address their unmet needs. 

HCP/Patient Journey

Our Present-Anchored Patient Journey Studies recognize the unreliable malleability of memory, recruiting patients to focus on their current journey milestones, mining insights at those moments for more visceral, authentic learning.  

Doctor-Patient Dialogue

Doctor-Patient Dialogue Studies explore communication gaps within the HCP-Patient dynamic via real-time interactions, followed by debriefs dissecting deeper responses to the dynamic using Parts Theory. This illuminates the subconscious impact of misunderstandings and unmet needs on both sides, and how this can create missed opportunities for optimal treatment solutions. 

Drivers and Barriers

Within our HCP Drivers and Barriers Studies we employ methods grounded in Behavioral Science and psychology, enabling us to access HCPs’ subconscious/emotional as well as conscious/rational decisional drivers. 

Messaging Evaluation

Our Messaging Evaluation Studies capture participants’ “Total Brain” response to messages, particularly important in messaging where one word can make a vital difference to left/right brain response. Our interactive Key Messages App maintains cognitive engagement. 

Creative Evaluation

Creative Evaluation Studies are a major focus – our approach accesses the 3 brain systems that together process creative concepts. We generate a Neural Activation Index for each concept as well as its Emotional Footprint, and Communication Evaluation to comprehensively assess and optimize its potential to drive real world activation.

Our New Healthcare-Specific Quanti-Qualitative Studies

Our Innovative “Quanti-Qual” Practice harnesses the power of psychology and Behavioral Science within several new methodologies combining quantitative and qualitative research approaches. Each starts with Phase 1 Quant, transforming it into an investigative diagnostic engine to laser focus the Phase 2 Qual for more authentic, robust and actionable data across therapeutic areas.  

Phase 1: Quantitative Research

Phase 2: Qualitative Research

Our Quanti-Qualitative Study Types Include

HCP Bias Archetype Profiling

HCP Bias Archetype Profiling creates nuanced HCP Archetypes based on HCPs’ unconscious cognitive biases, identity, attitudes, and behaviors to identify levers for behavior change.

Subconscious Concept Test Drives

Subconscious Concept Test Drives evaluate a broad range of creative or positioning concepts, forcing instinctive hard-wired responses to provide a more authentic understanding of real-world intention to act.

Brain Hemisphere Profiling

Brain Hemisphere Profiling is currently being piloted as another tool to profile and decode HCP decision-making – and as a component of messaging and creative studies to evaluate left brain/right brain communication effectiveness.

Present-Anchored Patient Journey

Our Present-Anchored Patient Journey approach elevates the authenticity and actionability of Patient Journey studies, not only by focusing on the present moment patients are currently inhabiting for more visceral learning – but by creating Patient Decisional Archetypes, Journey Blueprints, and Patient Activation Plans that are directly comparable across therapeutic areas.