Ed Regensburg

ATR-BC,CHt, LCAT, Consultant Clinical Art Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist

Ed has worked with Galileo since its inception to access the deepest levels of the subconscious via art elicitation. As a clinician, his expertise is accessing levels of human consciousness through altered state hypnosis and the use of imagery. He is a pioneer of clinical art psychotherapy and a leader in alternative approaches to conceptualizing mental health services and psychological market research. He is a licensed, board certified, professional Art Psychotherapist and hypnotherapist. Ed has worked with Galileo to understand and address the unconscious drivers of human behavior for companies across a range of categories from healthcare to luxury to technology, unearthing startling and game-changing insights. From 1984–1994, Ed served as Adjunct Professor of Art Therapy in the graduate Art Therapy Program he co-designed at Long Island University. He consults for many organizations throughout the NY metropolitan area, developing clinical arts therapy programming and providing supervision and training, as well as maintaining a private practice. From 1975–1992, Ed designed, established and supervised clinical Art Therapy programs at the North Shore University Hospital (substance abuse, psychiatric, psychological, medical), New York State Psychiatric Children’s Center, and Pederson Krag Mental Health Center. In 1992, he established the first Wellness Education and Psychiatric Treatment Through The Arts Program at the North Shore Creative Rehabilitation Center. Ed is the author of Quantum Imagery: Why Creating Art Heals Us (copyright 2003) and Quantum Correlations: How Creating Art Heals and Evolves Our Spirit (copyright 2016).