Kristen Norton

Senior Analyst

Kristen began her career in the human sciences field as an on-call Victim’s Advocate, developing a unique foundation of understanding individual human behavior within high-risk populations and communities. Her passion for connecting others with new insight led her to study education, followed by several years spent teaching and developing math, science, and health curriculum for young learners. 

Kristen then coupled these experiences with her naturally empathetic lens to create major impact within public policy. During recent years, she led large-scale advocacy efforts within the humanitarian sector to advance policies for international children’s rights, education, and global health. Simultaneously, Kristen’s immense passion for health and wellness led her to further her education in healthcare and earn her Certified Nurse Aide license. 

Kristen brings with her an academic background in Human Development and Family Studies, in addition to post-baccalaureate work in the field of Biology. Kristen’s diverse background, commitment to uncovering the complexities of the human experience, and dedication to driving positive change all inform and enrich her research work at Galileo. Outside of work, she loves exploring new places with her children, attending live theater and music events, and laughing with her friends and family.