Claire Murray

Director, Strategic Consulting

Claire has over a decade of experience leading and moderating global market research, specializing in healthcare across many disease states including Oncology, Autoimmune and Diabetes, while also balancing this with non-healthcare consumer work in categories ranging from fashion and beauty to technology and financial services.  

Claire’s warm, empathetic moderating style, combined with her intrinsic fascination for the dynamics of human decision-making, enables her to connect with a wide variety of consumers, patients, and healthcare professionals. She enjoys seeking new ways to identify and understand complex layers of emotions and attitudes, and how they impact decisions and behavior. 

Her academic grounding in Psychology, Advertising and Business has helped her maintain a sharp strategic lens in her work. She conducts each project keeping the vision for how it fits into the broader brand strategy top of mind throughout fieldwork and analysis. She is also skilled in understanding global strategy and identifying market-specific nuances, with experience conducting research on the ground across North America, Europe, Asia and South America.  

In her spare time, Claire enjoys spending time exploring the many museums, monuments, and restaurants that Washington, D.C has to offer, as well as honing her tennis and pickleball skills on the court.