Cathy Lennox

Co-Founder and Co-President

Cathy co-founded Galileo in 2006, driven by a passion for decoding intricate decision-making, especially in complex emotionally charged categories like healthcare.

Nearly two decades on, Cathy is particularly excited by how Galileo continues to harness the latest theory and practice from academic and therapeutic psychology, and behavioral economics – to create potent new qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. And she loves that these unique and innovative approaches not only enable Galileo to bring more authentic, valuable insight to clients, but also to provide an engaging quasi-therapeutic experience to participants – and to bring tremendous professional challenge and reward to the team, working as they do, at the cutting edge of market research!

Prior to founding Galileo, Cathy was a creative thinker and business strategist in consumer marketing and advertising for nearly 20 years, first in the UK and Europe, then in Asia Pacific and the US, most recently working for J. Walter Thompson NY.

She teaches qualitative research methods to the Master’s Programs at Columbia University, and NYU.