Alex Kalmanofsky

Executive Director, Strategic Consulting

Alex has spent the last 25+ years working with pharma clients to elicit the deep-rooted motivations of patients, caregivers, and HCPs when it comes to healthcare decisions. She believes asking the same old questions get you the same old, surface answers and knows that informing a brand strategy requires deep insight, beyond the usual conversation. Her time as an MSW social worker in end-of-life hospice care has helped inform her view on how living with disease can transform a family as well as an individual. Her philosophy as a brand consultant is to truly help her clients understand the world through the eyes of the patient team. Trust is key. To allow someone into your home, into your family, into your practice requires a respectful engagement that is crucial to getting that insight that turns into action.

Since 2006, Alex has also led the community advocacy and support group, Burning Survivors, raising money for cancer support organizations by achieving physical feats. Knowing no one negotiates cancer alone, the group is dedicated to community, immediacy, and radically surviving.