Rachel Haberman

Senior Director, Strategic Consulting

Being part of the Galileo team has allowed Rachel to fuse her expertise in market research with her deep passion for psychology and human behavior. Using Galileo’s quasi-therapeutic techniques, Rachel delights in uncovering the true motivations and emotions behind the behavior of patients, caregivers and physicians, making her work feel exciting every day! Prior to joining Galileo, Rachel had extensive and varied experience working in the fields of psychology and the life sciences. She had a long tenure as a consultant and lead moderator on the Primary Market Research team at the global life sciences consulting firm Trinity Partners. Additionally, she worked as an analyst at Datamonitor Healthcare, and at the Phyllis Green and Randolph Cōwen Institute for Pediatric Neuroscience, where she conducted fMRI studies aimed at understanding the causes and developmental pathways that lead to pediatric neuropsychiatric disorders.

With her breadth of experience working in qualitative research and the healthcare industries, Rachel brings a strategic yet highly empathetic focus to her moderating style and always pushes to elicit the deepest insights possible. Outside of work, Rachel is highly interested in health, wellness and nutrition and her favorite pastime is cooking and relaxing with family and friends (preferably outside, weather permitting!). Rachel holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with Honors in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania.