Molly Brozell

Senior Director, Strategic Consulting

Molly has been conducting research within healthcare for over a decade. She has worked in a variety of therapy areas including infectious diseases (particularly HIV), women’s health, vaccines, and respiratory. Her special focus and expertise is in oncology.  Working across countless tumor types and brands, she loves the ever evolving and dynamic nature of this field, along with the intense emotionality-meets-science combination. Molly’s research and strategy career has evolved through different roles, empowering her with the skill set to tackle both practical and strategic challenges, across more rational project types, and also those that are highly emotive. Within every study, she is eager to dive deeper with participants, even in seemingly rational contexts. Ultimately, uncovering unexpected and powerful insights about people fuels her passion to keep asking “Why?”

Since early on, Molly had a natural curiosity about the world around her.  With a love of learning and a diverse array of interests, she chose psychology as her academic major, for its many different sub-specialties and its ultimate focus on understanding people.  She served as a research assistant in a childhood anxiety disorders clinic and research lab and then worked with adolescents at a residential treatment facility for severe emotional and behavioral issues.  Not only did those experiences teach her about the whole continuum of the human psyche but also about possible interventions to change behavior or thought.  These perspectives have helped inform her consultancy approaches, leading her to understand how best to prompt change or action with providers or consumers, while aligning effectively with Galileo’s psychology-based approaches.

Outside of her work, she has an intense relationship with food – developing her own recipes and exploring restaurants – and enjoys consuming and creating visual arts.