Melanie Benson

Associate Research Director, Strategic Consulting

Melanie joined Galileo in early 2022 in order to combine her passion for understanding human behavior with her interest in identifying and solving the complex challenges that organizations face today.

Before joining Galileo, Melanie was a qualitative researcher at Hall and Partners, where she focused on uncovering critical insights and answering key business questions for clients across the pharmaceutical industry. Melanie’s experience includes a variety of methodologies and therapeutic areas, with particularly deep experience in oncology and rare disease.

Melanie studied Human and Organizational Development and Psychology at Vanderbilt University, where she explored the connection between psychology and behavioral science and personal and professional practice. Melanie is dedicated to applying these principles in her work as a strategic consultant, in order to find solutions to human problems, whether at an individual, organizational, or community level.

Outside of work, Melanie can be found walking or running outside (always tracking the step count!) or spending time with friends.