Kyra Barker

Director, Strategic Consulting

Kyra is an experienced strategist with an educational background in psychology who has spent the past decade helping clients gain a deeper understanding of the audiences they serve. Kyra began her career conducting in-depth qualitative research to support brand strategy and positioning development, where she discovered her love for moderation, storytelling, and strategy. Since then, she has honed these skills through various roles within advertising and market research agencies, partnering with clients in education, foodservice, and healthcare.

Though fascinated by virtually any objective or research question, Kyra finds great meaning working in healthcare. Her emphasis in this category has provided her the opportunity to work with a well-rounded set of healthcare organizations, including pharma, health insurance, hospitals, and non-profit. Through this experience, Kyra has spoken with patients, caregivers, and treaters across a wide range of chronic conditions, hospital care, and animal health.

Regardless of category, Kyra’s true passion lies in connecting with others and understanding human behavior. She believes that the best (and most actionable) recommendations and strategies are grounded in a deep knowledge and empathy for people.