Ben Anderson

Executive Director, Strategic Consulting

Ben came to Galileo as an accomplished researcher and strategist, whose leadership at agencies such as Saatchi & Saatchi and Grey NY delivered sustained growth for clients such as Pfizer, Diageo, P&G, General Mills, Lenovo, I Love NY and Kraft. Ben has a record of looking beyond surface-level understanding to uncover unexpected insights that elevate strategic and creative ideas and help brands reach their full potential. This drive for deeper human understanding has led to fascinating conversations with diverse populations ranging from Brooklyn skater kids to affluent Japanese housewives to Iraq and Afghanistan War Veterans. Before entering the world of marketing, Ben was an English teacher in Japan and a second grade teacher at Saint Ann’s School in Brooklyn. With a background in education, he has channeled his experience in the classroom into a consumer research approach that honors emotional and psychological depth, empathy and creativity, and injects a playful spirit that invites the subconscious to reveal itself. Outside of work, Ben enjoys being outside: bird watching, trout fishing in the Adirondacks or just playing with his son and wife in Prospect Park, near where he lives in Brooklyn.