Dee de Lara

Director, Strategic Consulting

Dee is a seasoned strategist with a focus on strategic storytelling. Her work has taken her across the US and Canada for some of the world’s most innovative and interesting brands. During her years with Galileo, Dee has focused predominantly on healthcare, immersing herself in patient and HCP studies across conditions ranging from type 2 diabetes and HIV to multiple sclerosis and irritable bowel disease. Prior to Galileo her diverse category experience spanned healthcare (Gilead Sciences, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Cancer Care Ontario/Ontario Renal Network, McNeil Consumer Healthcare), technology (Google, Twitter), media (MTV), luxury automotive (Cadillac), fashion (Hanesbrands, Levi’s, Ralph Lauren), beauty and personal care (L’Oreal, J&J), food and beverage (PepsiCo, Nestle, Diageo) and social issues (Girl Scouts, Elections Canada). Dee has spent countless hours with people in their homes, online, on their phones, and in-situ observing and exploring behavioral, cultural and social dynamics and bringing insights to life across multiple media. Her focus on uncovering and telling stories in culture has led her to edit and contribute to trend publications, and present at/produce events on privacy in the digital age and maker culture. Dee also leverages insight, intuition and empathy in the creation of her own jewelry brand and as a movement teacher and well-being facilitator training in more inclusive and accessible approaches. She studied art history/history at University of Toronto, advertising at Centennial College, anthropology at Harvard Summer School, and currently, jewelry at George Brown College.